Falla has been surprising you with flavours since 2016. During this time we have opened new locations in places such as Poznań, Warszawa, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Katowice and Łódź. If you think we are missing in your area, nothing simpler – start a successful business with us!

Falla is a large and recognizable brand, which has permanently entered the consciousness of people looking for delicious, healthy, plant-based but experimental cuisine. Over the years, our restaurants have gained favor with many guests who return every day to try our colourful dishes. 

If you care as much as we do about serving quality food made out of the best ingredients join us and open your own Falla! 

What we offer:


A well-known and solid brand

Falla is a movement! We are known among all fans of healthy, plant-based food from every part of Poland

"Know how"

i.e. our operation manual – we will provide you with all the essential knowledge to make running Falla a pleasure

Products and verified suppliers

Quality ingredients are the most important thing, therefore we will provide you with a list of suppliers whose products are of the highest quality

Opening support

We will support you throughout the entire pre-opening, opening and post-opening process to make sure everything goes smoothly 

Visualisations of the restaurant

We will design and create the Falla that your neighbourhood deserves 

Training package for owners and staff

We will give you all the knowledge on how to run your restaurant and train your staff so that from day one, your kitchen and staff are of the highest standard 

Promotion, advertising and marketing

We know what to do to reach our guests 

Territorial exclusivity

We take care of our common interests, so you do not have to worry about competition 

Graphic identity and communication strategy

 Falla is a brand so we take care of all the graphic design that goes with it 

How to do it?


The first step is always difficult, but it is worth it. Contact us and we will be happy to explain everything and answer any questions.
Together we will plan the next step and open your own Falla!

1. Initial consultation

We will talk about the details and make decisions together

2. Choice of location

This is a very important step, so we will help you to choose the ideal place.

3. Concluding a contract

A bit of paperwork, but of course with clear and transparent conditions!

4. Design of the location

Together we will design a space that everyone will want to come back to.

5. Handing over the „Know-How”

We will pass on all our secrets that will allow you to run your Falla with pleasure

6. Staff training

Our experienced training team will pass on all the knowledge to your team so that from day one they are ready and waiting.

7. Opening

All hands on deck! We will help you through the whole opening process to make sure everything is ready to go

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about the Falla franchise, use the contact form.